New research article authored by the STREAM Team!

Members of the STREAM project have recently published a scientific article in the journal Redox biology (IF = 7,126), which describes a new pro-oxidative strategy of killing cancer cells.

The first authors of the article are Dr Agnieszka Graczyk-Jarzynka from Dr Magdalena Winiarska’s Team, and Dr Agnieszka Góral, from Dr Małgorzata Firczuk’s Team. The research was carried out in cooperation with Prof. Dimitar Efremov’s Team, one of the consortium members of the STREAM project. In the paper the authors showed that the removal of the gene encoding peroxiredoxin 1 from B cell-derived tumor cells intensifies the anti-tumor effects of L-ascorbate (vitamin C) in in vitro cell models and in vivo in the mouse model. In addition, the combination of L-ascorbate with auranofin, a small-molecule drug indirectly inhibiting peroxiredoxin 1, very effectively and selectively kills cancer cells of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and other B cells-derived malignancies. The article also describes the proposed mechanism of  the synergistic interaction between L-ascorbate and auranofin. The full version of the article can be read on the Redox biology website:

The strong, synergistic effects of auranofin and L-ascorbate on tumor cells of triple-negative breast cancer, the most aggressive of breast cancers, has also been recently described by a research group from the Curie Institute in Paris, in an article published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute: