About the Project

The main idea of the STREAM project is to bring together the high-level European research organizations with synergistic scientific and innovative expertise in the field of immune-oncology, in order to establish an international, long-term strategic partnership with MUW (Medical University of Warsaw). The area of immuno-oncology is one of the most vigorous research zones in cancer biology and treatment. The Coordinator of the project, Medical University of Warsaw, displays a predominant ambition of becoming a major player in the thriving area of immune-oncology. MUW is one of the leading centres of competence in oncology field in Poland and presents a robust desire for further improvement of its excellence merits. In the framework of the project, MUW aims to foster enhanced scientific dialogue and twinning between with the following outstanding research centres:

  • The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford
  • The Francis Crick Institute Limited
  • Oslo University Hospital
  • International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Since 2012, MUW has been successfully developing its excellence in oncology under the FP7-sponsored BASTION project, coordinated by MUW. An intense and sustained effort dedicated to the increase of MUW’s research potential at both basic and translational levels has brought a major scientific and innovative output from the groups involved. Currently, given the highly positive experience of the BASTION project, we intend to build further MUW’s excellence by transferring the knowledge, know-how capabilities, technologies and best practises from the first class European partnering organizations. Within the duration of the current project, we endeavour to significantly enrich MUW’s, regional and national quality profile regarding all of the variables of composite indicator of research excellence in the immuno-oncology field. Finally, we also aim to set a new standard for conducting bioresearch and innovative thinking in Poland.